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Into Death
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Sunday, July 11, 2021

*Portrait with Death*, 3rd in the Into Death Mysteries

 A 1920 Mystery.

A British Public School for a setting. 


A baker’s dozen of suspects. 

What more could you want?

Murder paints with death in Portrait with Death.

What's the story with Portrait with Death?

Isabella Newcombe Tarrant must finish her commission to paint a portrait before she can join her
husband in India.

She travels to Greavley Abbey School in the sleepy village of Upper Wellsford. There she meets the young photographer Flick Sherborne, and they become friends.

Then murder intrudes.

Isabella and Flick stumble upon the body George Webberly, a teacher at Greavley Abbey School. He’s been bludgeoned to death.

Why would anyone kill a school master? Motives abound, and suspects increase. Fellow teaching masters. A former soldier haunted by the nightmares of the war. Three ladies were rivals for Webberly’s attentions. Their husbands may have clubbed him and cracked open his head. A photographer. Three fishermen. A medic. The pub owner and his wife. The local constable.

Who committed the murder? Can Isabella find the answer?

Or will a murderer paint with more blood?

A tangle of motives and hidden evidence complicate the murder in Portrait with Death, an amateur sleuth mystery set in an 1920 sleepy English village.

Portrait with Death is the third novel in the series Into Death, with artist Isabella Newcombe Tarrant.

Preorder Available Here.

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