the series Hearts in Hazard & Into Death

the series Hearts in Hazard & Into Death

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1st draft of The Hazard of Secrets (book 10 in the Hearts in Hazard series)
1st draft of Discovering Your Characters (book 5 in the Think like a Pro Writer series)

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Information on methods and techniques to improve your writing

Old Geeky Greeks

Think like a Pro start of the blog series

Think / Pro planner for writers

M.A. Lee also has a Live/Laugh/Love planner entitled 2 * 0 * 4 Lifestyle:  musing and movement, feasting and fasting, building relationships and gaining more for your brain.   7 cover versions.

Meadow:  I love chickadees and wildflowers.

Floral:  3D abstract floral art in beautiful colors

English Cottage:  Who doesn't love English gardens rife with flowers and a cup of herbal tea?

Teatime:  Serene teatime in the garden, with lovely flowers on the front.

Cityscape:  the Knoxville, TN, skyline with the Henley Street bridge leading . . . where?

Mountain River:  quickly rushing mountain stream on the front, a rock cairn on the back with the photo by Tammy Miller Photography in a Great Smoky Mountains location

Woodland:  deep in a labyrinthine forest of life, with rocky paths before you:

And here are some sample pages of the 2 * 0 * 4

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