the series Hearts in Hazard & Into Death

the series Hearts in Hazard & Into Death

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1st draft of The Hazard of Secrets (book 10 in the Hearts in Hazard series)
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Hearts in Hazard series ~ the Danger books

The second three books in the Hearts in Hazard series

The Dangers of Secrets

Returning is Lord Gordon Musgrove, first introduced in The Game of Spies (HnH 2)

Gordon Musgrove surprised me.  He seemed cold and aloof -- until he met Maddy.  I had a lot of fun writing this book.

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The Dangers for Spies 

with Tobias Kennit returning, Gordon Musgrove's friend, and also introduced in The Game of Spies (HnH 2)

A completely new character Eugenie DesChamps, a former French spy, meets an English cryptographer Charles Audley while Tobias Kennit tries to court Melly Ratcliffe while keeping Eugenie and Audley safe  from a French master spy and assassin.

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The Dangers to Hearts

The returning character Jess Carter harks all the way to the first HnHazard book, A Game of Secrets.  Escaping from the authorities who arrested the surviving smugglers, Jess only wants to find a quiet home for his mother and himself.  Instead, he stumbles upon a man who wants to steal the family farm away from Agatha Helmes.  From her cousin's description, Agatha sounds like a dried-up spinster, until Jess meets her and falls immediately in love.

The attraction between Jess and Agatha creates a focus for someone's hate.  An arsonist sets Jess' cottage on fire, and he and his mother barely escape.  In the smoking ruins is a corpse with a bullet hole in the skull.  The body is clearly Agatha's missing fiance.  And the deed to Helmes Farm goes missing.

Will the investigating constable blame Agatha for her fiancĂ©e’s murder?  Will he connect Jess with the warrant for an escaped smuggler?  Or will the arsonist burn up all their troubles along with Helmes Farm?

The Dangers to Hearts introduces a new character, Constable Hector Evans.  Hector is the protagonist in The Key to Secrets, first in the next three books of the HnH series.

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