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the series Hearts in Hazard & Into Death

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

350,000 Words: Stop NaNoWriMo Playing, Start Publishing

From the Raison d'Etre section of my newest writers guidebook, Discovering Your Novel.

How many miles have you traveled on the road to writing your novel?  If you’re not far on that road, Discovering Your Novel will help you drive through those problems.
if you keep backing up, if your engine stalls, if the myriad of roads confuse you, then

No one else can write the novel of your head and heart.  That’s a road you have to find and follow.  Yet this workbook, like a mountain guide, can guide your journey to publication.

Publication is the goal, isn’t it?  Not just to write but to share your writing through publication.

I ask because I recently met a NaNoWriMo[1] participant ecstatic about her eighth year of participation after “winning” for the previous seven years.  Winning means that she achieved the word-count requirement.  In seven years she’d written 350,000 words (minimum) yet still had nothing published.

350,000 words.

Let that sink in.  Most novels are around 75,000 words, with the epics around 120,000.  That’s at least four good-sized books, or three-plus epics.  This writer may have submissions to agents and editors with traditional publishers or small presses.  All I truly know is that she still wasn’t published.  7 years & 350,000 words and not published.


. . . .

If you're tired of playing at writing and want to start publishing, but ....

If the book you're writing seems to be going nowhere ....

If the plot is scrambled or the process fried you up ....

Discovering Your Novel can help.  Check out the Table of Contents in the Look Inside feature of Amazon to see if my guidebook has the guidance you need.

[1] NaNoWriMo = National Novel Writing Month, every year in November.  The group that runs NaNoWriMo (pronounced Nano-Rhi-Moh) has a website with all sorts of templates for your perusal and playtime.  Writers who sign up to participate have to write 50,000 words in one month, which is about 1666 daily.

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