the series Hearts in Hazard & Into Death

the series Hearts in Hazard & Into Death
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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Newest Release Completes the DISCOVERING Guidebook Series

Discovering Your Plot completes the guidebook series for newbie writers and veteran writers seeking a refresher.

Discovering Your Plot offers writers the necessary tools to construct a story as well as diagnose problems with pacing, tension and suspense, and sequencing events.

Discovering Your Plot is Book 6 in the Think like a Pro Writer series and the second of the Discovering set of how-to guidebooks for writers at all skill levels. While the approach is for newbies, every writer can benefit from this fresh look at any novel’s framework.

The Discovering set covers Characters, Plot, Author Branding, and Sentence Craft as well as completing a Novel—from the seeds of idea to publishing the manuscript

Discovering Characters  covers everything that a writer needs to know about character development: from opening templates and other exploration techniques, to the allies and minions that fill stories, and on to the methods of characterization that reveal all of those characters.

Every writer starts with the first story. While we dream of bestselling status, we don't target the marketplace. That lack of targeting can cause our writing to lurk in shadowing obscurity. Start climbing out of the abyssal darkness by using marketing techniques for individual books, for your series, and for your author persona. These marketing techniques fill Discovering Your Author Brand.


Discovering Sentence Craft takes writers down to the very words and sentences. Writers of all types--bloggers, novelists, playwrights, and especially poets--will benefit from examining the ideas and structures that polish up rough drafts. From metaphorical and interpretive language and to the structures of inversion, repetition, opposition, and sequencing, Discovering Sentence Craft lifts the ordinary to the memorable extraordinary.

This guidebook adventure started with Discovering Your Novel, designed to help writers complete a book, from the egg of the idea to the hatched draft and all the way through formatting and indie publication.

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